Educational Services for Non-Chinese Speaking Students

The government puts great effort into helping non-Chinese speaking (NCS) students learn Chinese. Since 2017, it has been providing subsidies for kindergartens to help NCS students adapt to the local community. In 2020-2021, we have admitted 17 NCS students coming from the Philippines, India, Bangladesh and Australia.


Learning Support for Non-Chinese Speaking Students:

We provide fun enlightenment activities that are held in groups or can be completed individually to create a happy environment for NCS students to learn Chinese and develop their interest in learning Chinese. Our teachers also keep close contact with NCS parents and continually join hands with them to create a campus that is caring and inclusive.


To support NCS students’ learning, Chinese learning content is given out in English so that parents of NCS students can assist their children in learning Chinese. A range of learning programmes and activities are also held to cater to the learning needs of students of different races and the needs of their families. For example, the dialogic reading programme enhances NCS students’ listening, speaking and reading skills in Chinese by involving the teacher and the students having a dialogue around Chinese storybooks and engaging them in extended activities.


In addition, we join hands with the school social worker to organise parent-child Chinese class, parents’ pre-beginner Chinese course and parents’ Chinese course in order to provide NCS students and their parents an opportunity to learn Chinese together. Through joining the class, the parents can also get a better understanding of their children’s Chinese learning progress and thus be able to assist their children in learning Chinese at home.


Campus Environment:

Our classrooms are decorated with language learning elements. We also enhance NCS students’ motivation and interest in learning Chinese through different types of learning materials, wall games and books.


Cultural Inclusion:

We promote respect for cultural differences. Through organising Chinese traditional festival activities and inviting NCS parents and students to share with each other their customs, such as food and clothing, it helps build students’ awareness and understanding of different races.


A buddy scheme is provided to serve as a platform for local students and NCS students to gain friendships and become each other’s partner in learning, as well as to help NCS students adjust well to the classroom and foster their language development.


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